Grook it

a grow and cooking kit with microgreens

Grook it is the result of the course Exploring Interactions. (2013/ 2014)

In this course we had to design and develop a concept together with the user. We were designing for a specific interaction vision. My goal was to make children feel proud about contributing to the dinner preparations and my envisioned interaction was to make them feel proud like being on stage and winning a trophy. They give to the children about the dish they cooked. My final product is a folder with recipes for children to cook dishes with micro-greens. They plant the plants and then cook a dish with the home grown plant. It includes a set of 4 micro-green seed bags and feedback cards fort he parents in order to be more creative with the feedback. On the feedback cards are stickers with words and stars for the overall performance. The stickers can be put on the recipe cards. The recipes are sorted in 3 categories; starters; mains and deserts. The fourth category is called favourites. In this category the kids can store their favourite recipes. The recipe cards leave space for own notes and remarks. All recipes are laminated and therefore washable.

Final Prototype


Final User Testing