A concept to make the golden agers more active and social

The city of Rotterdam asked to find a way to make old people move more. This is achieved best when they start moving before they are really old the latest in their 60ies. Our service is aimed to people between 50 and 65years old. People which can use a smart phone and still can be active to some extend.

In creative sessions with the target group we found out that the main problem is the lack of motivation, and that this motivation can be triggered easier when combining it with social events and being active with others. But a lot of people don’t know so many people in their neighbourhood to sport with. Zandloper is a service consisting of a lamp which functions as a reminder and is linked to an app. It allows people to see when other people do sports and join then and it also reminds them to do do their exercises

with the hourglass shaped light. if not exercised enough the light turns out and cannot be used anymore.