Persuasive Environments

A room for parents of children with cancer to meet an exchange  ideas and tips. A project for the Prisess Maxima Centrum for child oncology.

The goal of this assignment was to design an environment which contains persuasive elements. Elements which make the users behave in a certain way, without them even noticing. We designed a room for the yet to be build Princess Maxima hospital for child oncology. In this room parents of sick children can meet and exchange their ideas and tips or problems about different issues of their children. They are stimulated to do that by badges which are on the coffee cups they get when they get a coffee in the room.

The badges ask them to pose a question to other parents, e.g. like: “ Any tips if my child does not want to eat?” In the room is a glass wall which has space for questions on one side and for answers on the other side. This project is still in the concept phase.