Sphere Division

This sphere consists of three equally shaped parts. The white parts are made from solid resin the black one is made of elastomer. The flexibility of the black part enables the user to plug the parts together and build up the sphere. This project was developed in the second semester.

Kinetic Plane

This project originates to the third semester and deals with kinetics. The task was to create a plane sized 50 cm x 50 cm, which is minimizable, but relaxes to the plane by its own force.I constructed a plane made of 60 acrylic plastic semihexagons. Always two semihexagons are layered upon each other. They are connected by an elastic rubber band which continues inbetween the two layers of the acrylic plastic parts. The elastic rubber band enables to minimize the plane by folding the semihexagons and to relax itself as soon as the grip is loosened.