sustainable shower concept

Waterwise is the final product of my bachelor thesis in which I dealt with the reduction of water consumption in the households of western countries.

It is a shower, shaped like a tree, which is a symbol for life. Waterwise illustrates the value of water by visualising the water use and therefore reducing it.

Before showering the amount of water that will be used, has to be defined by turning the reload device. While water is running, the reload device turns back, showing how many litres are left. When the device has reached zero the water turns off. One full reload contains 30 litres, which equals 5 minutes with this shower. To continue showering, the reload device has to be turned again.

The user should not be forced to reduce his water consumption but he should become aware of how much water he is using and before turning the reload device a second or third time he will deliberate about whether this is really necessary. With Waterwise the user will become aware of his own water use and learn in an nice and easy way to reduce it.

Moreover the shower uses a water-saving, air assisted technique, which uses only 6 litres per minute and softens the water jets. The shower can be installed easy and without professional assistance. Hence this product addresses not only house owners but also people who rent an apartment.