solar coffee machine

Solis is a coffemachine which can boil water by deflecting the sunlight, hence there is no need of gas or electricity which makes solis ideal for camping or picnicing in the nature.
Water is filled in the glasscylinder, the foldable screen, which is mirrored inside, deflects the sunlight onto the cylinder and hence the water inside is heating up. As soon as the water is boiling, it can be poured over coffepowder into the french press.

The french press, the four cups and the cylinder can be interleaved while empty. The screen can be folded and closed with zippers.

While closed Solis measures a diameter of 15 centimeters and a height of 30 centimeters. It fits perfectly in a bag or rucksack.The shield is lower on one side which makes it possible to use Solis also in later hours when the angle of the sun-radiation is lower.