sustainable lounge chair

Bendit is a sustainable chair concept which is easy to produce.
The parts which are delivered flat and compact are mounted by the customer himself.
This concept reduces transport and production cost which therefore reduces the selling price.
Bendit is available in two mirror inverted versions. Next to each other they create a sitting pair which invites to communicate.
Metarials: plywood, felt, walnut verneer, aluminium


The asymmetrical bended shape and the huge sittingarea invite the user to relax in different positions.
Bendit is constructed in a way which allows to separate the different materials easily from each other and recycle them.
To stick the felt cushion onto the seat shell, the oval-shaped double-laiered parts of the felt are pressed into the oval-shaped holes in the seat-shell.

Bendit was developed together with my fellow student Julius Pflug and contributed by Thonet.